5 Things That Impact a Roof Replacement Estimate

Before replacing your roof, it is important to get an estimate of costs from a couple of roofing companies. Several different things can impact an estimate, so make sure the roofer checks all of the following.

1. Roof Size

The first aspect your roofer must assess is the actual square footage of the roof. This isn't simply the same as the square footage of the house, since pitch will also affect the roof size. More complicated roofs, with multiple peaks, valleys, and hips, as well as those with additional features like dormers and attached patio roofs, can have larger square footage than the rest of the house, which will affect the quote.

2. Pitch and Style

Roof pitch and style affect the quote not just when it comes to square footage, but for other reasons as well. A roof with a steep pitch, for example, can be harder to work on safely. This means roofers may need special safety equipment to reach certain areas of the roof. Complicated styles, such as those with multiple hips and valleys, may require more materials to seal up the ridgelines and valleys compared to a simple two-plane gable end roof.

3. Material Choice

The type of material you use for your roof plays a major role in any estimate. Asphalt shingles are one of the most common and cost-effective options, so unless you already have a roof made from a different material this is like the material your roofer will quote for. Tell your roofer in advance if you would like to compare quotes for other materials, such as metal panels or clay tiles, as it requires a more in-depth inspection if you are switching roofing materials. For example, a clay tile roof may require additional roof supports, which must be figured into the estimate.

4. Overall Condition

A roof that simply needs to be replaced because it is time will have a much different estimate compared to a badly degraded roof where water damage has begun to destroy the decking beneath. Your roofer must assess how many repairs are needed in the course of putting on the new roof. This means they will inspect not just the outside of your home, but that they must enter your attic so they can get a clear view of the repair state of the decking and roof trusses.

5. Additional Costs

There may be some additional costs beyond the main roof as part of your quote. For example, your roofer may also need to replace flashing, vent pipe boots, or ridge vents if these are damaged or aging. Damaged or rotting eaves, as well as damage to joists and trusses, may also be included in the quote.

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