Commercial Roofing Materials And Styles To Consider

A commercial roof doesn't have to be boring and unfashionable to be a commercial roof. You can accomplish curb appeal and durability all in the same roof so long as you choose the right materials. Even an asphalt shingled roof with rounded shingle edges can be fine used as a rooftop border or for a smaller, sloped roof if you want a cozier, more homey rooftop appeal. Here are some suggestions for commercial roofing materials and styles worth talking to your contractor about.


A steel roof comes in handy for a variety of reasons as a commercial roof. For starters, the steel or aluminum, if you prefer this type of roofing material, is easy to work with, allowing for custom cuts around vents, stovepipes, and other commercial roofing needs. Furthermore, this roofing material is very streamlined in its application, allowing for a more durable and attractive roof that will last and match the rest of your building's design.

A metal roof is nearly soundless if you put an insulating barrier beneath the material, and the material is also energy-efficient in helping to keep interior temperatures better. As a bonus, steel roofing comes in many stamped and shaped designs and even comes in powder-coated finishes, so you can customize the end results of your roof easily.

Clay slate

For a more ornate roof that will last a long time, consider a clay, slate or tile roof. This type of roofing material is attractive and unique and uses natural stone and clay materials to pull a roof together organically with the rest of the building's design. Since this type of roofing can be expensive and takes precision to install, you'll want to reserve this type of roofing for your main entryway and use a rubberized roofing material or another basic style of roofing for the rest of your building's design.

Wood shakes

Wood shakes made of cedar or redwood can help bring your building more charm and appeal without compromising the durability of your roof overall. Wood shakes can last a long time with regular care, and the shakes can be stained any color you want for a unique finish with grand allure. Wood shakes are best for commercial buildings with some slope.

Your budget, style, and size of your commercial building's rooftop, and other factors, ultimately help decide which rooftop design is best for your needs. Your commercial roofer will give you further advice on how to do your roof. Companies like Buford Roofing will help with your roofing needs.