Detached Gutters: From The Simplest To The Most Complex Repairs

House gutters are a vital part of your home. They keep roofs and foundations dry while channeling rainwater and melted snow and ice away from your home. If you have any sort of damage to your gutters, they cannot effectively do their jobs. If your gutters need repair, it might be something really simple or something really complex. The following examples reflect detached gutter repair needs and related gutter repair services based on the complexity of each job. 

Simple Job: The Wiggly or Slightly Dangling Gutter

In this instance, you have a gutter that is detached at two or more points along the edge of the roof. It wiggles and clangs in the wind, and often appears as though it will be torn off or fall off. What you have here is two or more J-hooks or screws that have come loose from the roof, thereby rendering the gutter unsecured. The roofer will get up there and just replace these fasteners to re-secure the gutter to the edge of the roof. 

Little More Difficult Job: Entire Gutter Is Down On One Side

This is typically what happens when you have an already loose gutter that a bad storm rips loose the rest of the way and drops to the ground. However, when the gutter is still connected to a corner of the house and/or another section of gutter that intersects the fallen piece, it is going to require a little more repair work. The roofer is going to have to go up on the roof to determine if there was additional damage during the storm, and then repair parts of the roof while lifting the gutter up and back into position before securing it in place. 

Most Complex Job: Badly Damaged or Completely Missing Gutter 

A tornado, hurricane, or just a really powerful windstorm can take down an already loose gutter and send it yards to miles from your home. If your home is otherwise undamaged, then the roofer can remove any remaining pieces of the gutter that were left behind when this particular section was ripped off, bent, twisted awkwardly toward the ground, or otherwise lost completely. Then he/she can use a special machine that can manufacture a brand new piece of gutter to attach to your roof right on your own property. It reduces the expense of having to find a piece of gutter the right color and length at a home improvement/hardware store.