Common Threats To Your Commercial Roof

Your business's roof can be prone to suffering some potentially costly and serious problems. Unfortunately, business owners will often fail to take precautions so that they can be ready to take action when these situations start to arise with their commercial roof.

Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems

In order to save space, it is common for commercial buildings to have their air conditioning and heating system on the roof. Most of the time, this will not create any problems for the owner. However, there can be instances where the HVAC system can be problematic. For example, a faulty system may produce large amounts of condensation that can eventually lead to rot occurring near the HVAC system. If your HVAC unit is on the roof, both exterior portions of the roof that are near the unit as well as the interior ceiling should be checked for signs of rot, leaks, and other potential damages.


Many businesses will utilize fireplaces, and these buildings will require a chimney. Sadly, if the chimney is not maintained according to the recommended schedule, there can be a greater chance of the chimney damaging the roof. These damages can occur due to water seeping around the chimney. Additionally, a poorly maintained chimney can have its interior lining compromised, which can lead to heat escaping out. Over time, this heat exposure will lead to cracks forming that may allow moisture to seep under the roof.

Ponding Water

Flat roofs are very common for commercial buildings due to the large size of these buildings. Unfortunately, many people may not realize that water ponding on the roof can be a major problem. While rot is one of the long-term problems that this can pose, it will also create a more immediate concern. The heavy weight of the collecting water may eventually cause structural damage or a collapse. For business owners that fail to regularly inspect the roof, it can be extremely difficult to recognize when this problem is starting to develop but checking the roof several hours after a rainstorm will be the best option for determining whether this problem is present.


A sagging section of the commercial roof is a major problem that will have to be addressed. In addition to posing structural problems for the building, a sagging roof could lead to an increase in your legal liabilities. If individuals are injured due to the sagging section of the roof collapsing, you may be far more likely to face a lawsuit or other legal action. Take action by obtaining commercial roofing services right away.