4 Tips To Upgrade Commercial Roofing With Durable Improvements And Efficiency

Commercial roofing is different than residential materials because of the design of buildings and the specific needs of businesses. Usually, buildings have flat roof designs, and commercial materials are not always the most durable or energy-efficient. Today, there are options to improve the durability of roofing and energy efficiency of your business when you have upgrades done to the roof. Here are some tips to upgrade commercial roofing with durability and energy efficiency.

1. Renewable Energy Integrated Into Commercial Roofing Materials

One of the first things that you may want to consider when planning on upgrading commercial roofing materials is installing renewable energy. Today, there are many options for integrating renewable energy systems into the installation of commercial roofing materials. You may want to consider options like solar roofing membranes or solar collectors that are recessed in the roof surface to provide structures with thermal energy.

2. Cool Roofing Systems That Help Reflect UV Rays to Reduce Heat Gain

Cool roofing materials are a type of commercial roofing solution that reflects UV Rays that cause heat gain in commercial buildings. These materials work great in areas that are vulnerable to heat gain during the summer months, which can cause energy costs due to building mechanical systems working harder to keep things cool. These are basically lighter colored roof membranes and can be combined with other materials to make the most of the energy-saving benefits. 

3. Spray Foam Insulation for More Durable Roofing and Reduced Energy Loss

Another material that you may want to consider updating your commercial roof is spray foam insulation. The spray foam insulation can be installed as insulation inside buildings, or as durable roofing materials on the roofs of commercial buildings. These materials are also finished with a cool roofing sealant to reduce energy loss by reducing heat gain.

4. Reinforcing Vulnerable Areas and Using Maintenance Paths to Reduce Roof Wear

There may also be vulnerable areas of your roof, what you want to make sure are reinforced to reduce wear. In addition, areas, where mechanical systems are installed, may also be susceptible to excessive wear and damage due to excess foot traffic. Installing maintenance paths can help reduce wear in these areas where routine maintenance needs to be done regularly.

These are some tips to upgrade commercial roofing materials with durability and energy efficiency. If you need help with improvements to the roof of your business, contact your local commercial roof services for help with some of these improvements.