4 Roofing Terms A Homeowner Should Know

If you own a home, you'll want to take care of it. Doing so may mean replacing your roof over time. It's a great idea to know specific terms to allow you to make the best decision. Being a homeowner can come with many challenges and working to get the biggest bang for your buck can be helpful. Being aware of roofing terminology you should know is ideal.

Term #1: Roof covering

You may often hear your contractor refer to the word covering when putting a new roof on your property. This means the material that's being used to do so, such as shingles, metal or other items.

It's important to choose the right material type to get all the things you want out of this item. Taking the time to do your research is sure to be one of the top ways to make this possible.

Term #2: Roof structure

One of the ways to ensure your roof is sturdy and stable as it should be is by having the right roof structure in place. These are known as trusses and rafters and will work to protect the sheathing part of this component.

The sheathing involves a combination of boards and roofs that are attached to your home.

Term #3: Roof flashing

It's essential to protect your property as much as possible from water damage.  The ideal way to do so is by having a high-quality flashing in place.

The flashing is a type of material that is typically placed in the area of the valleys and joints of this part of your property. You'll want to be certain this component remains in good condition to prevent any damage caused by water to occur.

Term #4: Roof drainage

Keeping the roof of your home as dry as possible should be high on your agenda at all times to avoid issues.  Doing this is the key to helping this critical component of your roof stand the test of time.

This is the area of your roof that will assist in ensuring excessive water will be adequately drained.

The key to having a home that maintains its value and stands the test of time will rest in caring for it. This may include putting a new roof in place to assist you in achieving this goal. Be sure to work with a roofing contractor near you to help with any roofing projects today! Companies like JC Roofing & Insulating can help.