3 Reasons To Install New Vinyl Siding Instead Of Painting Your Home

Do you have an older home that is starting to look its age? Are you getting ready to give it a fresh coat of paint next spring? While painting your home can help make it look newer, this isn't the only solution for an aging home. As an alternative, you may want to consider having vinyl siding installed on your home's exterior. Vinyl siding has many advantages, some of which you may not have realized. These can include the following:

No painting: Unlike wood or metal siding that must be painted every few years in order to continue looking nice, a vinyl siding installation does not require a coat of paint in order to be good looking. It's absolutely possible to paint vinyl siding if you get tired of the color, provided you use paint that specifies it can be used on vinyl, but this is not necessary. Vinyl siding can last for many years with very little maintenance required. For the most part, you may simply need to spray the siding down with a hose every so often to get rid of settled dirt, though rain can often take care of that for you.

Long lasting: Metal siding is quite durable, but it can be dented relatively easily and the fasteners that attach it to your wall can eventually rust or oxidize due to the chemical reactions of the two different types of metal touching one another, discoloring the panels, and giving the siding an unsightly appearance. Wood siding can rot relatively quickly if not painted, and will just generally get a weathered appearance no matter how often you paint the boards. But with a vinyl siding installation, these things aren't a concern. Vinyl siding won't dent or rot. It won't oxidize, rust, or anything else but continue to look like siding for many years to come.

No pests: If you live in an area where wood-eating pests are a concern, even thinking about getting wood siding may be out of the question. Installing wood siding means you have to be extra vigilant about keeping up with termite and carpenter ant control, lest the sides of your house get eaten. Of course, a vinyl siding installation means that this isn't a thing. You still have to be aware of termites potentially getting into your home and eating the support beams, but termites and carpenter ants may be less likely to colonize your home if they encounter a layer of inedible vinyl instead of tasty wood siding on your home's exterior.

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