3 Simple And Affordable Home Improvements That Reduce Roofing Wear And Prevent Damage

The roof of your home is susceptible to wear from many different causes, which is why you want to do everything in your power to prevent damage. Good maintenance routines and a few affordable home improvements could help you get years of more life out of shingles. Here are some simple and affordable home improvements that will reduce wear and prevent damage:

1. Prevent Rot and Structural Problems with Adequate Attic Ventilation

The rot of rafters and other wood structural components is a problem that is caused by poor ventilation and moisture being trapped in the attic. To improve your home and prevent structural damage to your roof, add ventilation to ensure your roof is well ventilated. If you have only simple ridge vents, then you will want to add to the ventilation in your attic with gable vents or the old turtle-back style vents to ensure your attic has adequate ventilation and problems with rot do not develop.

2. Gutter Guards That Divert Debris Off the Roof to Prevent Ice Dams

Gutter guards are another solution that you will want to consider for improving your home and protecting against roof wear. Today, there are especially designed gutter guards that allow for debris, snow, and ice to flow over the gutters. This helps prevent the buildup of debris and formation of ice dams that cause damage to the eaves of homes. Investing in premium gutter guards with these designs is a small price to pay to get more life out of your asphalt shingles.

3. Reinforced Materials for Roofing in Valleys and Eaves That Are Most Vulnerable to Wear

The areas of your roof that are the most vulnerable to damage are where runoff flows to, which can be valleys, walls and other areas that require roof flashing. You will want to reinforce these areas to ensure that leaks do not develop and cause more serious damage. In addition to areas with flashing, the eaves of your home are also vulnerable to wear from debris and winter weather. Even if you have gutter guards in place to protect against winter roof damage, you will want to reinforce the shingles in this area to prevent leaks.

These are some simple and affordable home improvements that will reduce wear and prevent damage to roofing materials on your home. If you need help with repairs or roof replacement, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about some of these improvements while they are doing work on the roof of your home. If you have questions about improving the quality of your roof, go to sites offering more information on this topic.