How To Prevent Heat Gain With Roof Improvements In Warmer Climates

If you live in an area that has many months of extreme temperatures, then you may want to consider solutions to reduce heat gain. Today, there are many options that will help keep your home cool, such as better ventilation, air gaps between any roofing materials, or a cool roofing system with lighter colors. Here are some of the improvements that can be done to reduce heat gain in your home:

1. Ventilation Improvements on Your Roof to Keep Your Home Cool

Ventilation is an important part of the structure of your roof. It allows the hot air that rises to escape your home. Roof ventilation also prevents problems like dry rot that can be caused by humidity being trapped in the attic. If your attic does not have sufficient ventilation, talk to a roofing contractor about adding roof vents. You may also want to do improvements like adding windows with dormers that can allow more ventilation when needed.

2. Air Gap Between Decking and Roofing Materials to Help Stop Heat Gain

An air gap between roofing materials and the decking is another improvement that can help keep your home cool. This allows air to freely flow beneath the roofing and prevent heat gain. This space of air can also act as insulation and help keep your home warm during the winter months. Materials like clay tiles, metal roofing, and checks can be installed with the air gap to allow air to circulate freely beneath the roofing. This is a good idea with metal roofing, which can get hot in warm weather and contribute to excessive heat gain in your home.

3. Cool Roofing Systems That Use Lighter Colors to Help Reflect UV Heat

Cool roofing systems are another option that you have for your home to reduce heat gain. These are systems of various materials with lighter colors or special finishes. They are designed to reflect UV radiation from the sun to help reduce heat gain. Common materials include white roofing membranes that are used on flat roofs, as well as metal roofing with special finish coatings. There are also lighter-colored asphalt shingles available to will have the same effect and help keep your home cooler.

These are some of the roof improvements that can be done to reduce heat gain in your home. Simple solutions like better ventilation can make a big difference on your utility bills. Contact a roofing contractor to get help with some of these improvements to help keep your home cool.