Solutions To Help Stop Damage And Leaks From Low Pitched Roofing Designs

Low-pitched roofs can cause a variety of different problems for your home, such as leaks. This usually begins with shingles that get blown up with high winds and storms. Solutions for low roofs with water problems include installing a roofing membrane and other improvements that can prevent damage. Here are some of the things that you can do to stop leaks on your low-pitched roof:

Using Alternatives To Asphalt Shingles In Low-Pitch Areas

While you may want to have the look of shingles in areas of your home with low-pitches, this can cause problems. Other alternatives to asphalt shingles may be a better solution. For this areas, you may want to consider solutions like metal roofing or synthetic materials for the look of slate. You may even want to consider a flat roof system for areas that are nearly flat, which will prevent damage from wind and the leaks that can develop.

Installing A Roofing Membrane To Give Your Roof Protection From Leaks

Roofing membranes are another solution that you may want to consider for the areas of your home with a low-pitch roof. These are thick sheets of rubber-like material that are applied to your roof to prevent problems like wind damage. These are the types of systems that are commonly used on commercial buildings are an alternative to asphalt roofing materials that can be heavier. There are even lighter colored materials that can help keep your home cool and foam underlayments that can reduce energy loss.

Adding Wind Resistant Roofing Materials And Reinforcing Areas With Low-Pitches

If you want to have a roof that still has a shingle appearance, consider using a more resistant material. This can be shingles that are designed to be used on low-pitch roofs and have a rating for higher wind speed resistance. There are also other materials that you may want to consider, such as heavier materials like tile. You can also use synthetic slate and shake materials that can resist winds and storms. Check with your roofing contractor about some of these options and shingle-like roofing materials that can be used on these areas.

The roof on your home may have a low-pitch or it may only be certain areas like and addition with these problems. No matter what the situation is, consider some of these improvements to help solve your water problems. If your roof is giving your problems, contact a roofing contractor like Amick Roofing Inc and talk with them about some of these solutions for low-pitched roofs.