Suddenly Gotten Into Landscaping? 3 Tips To Building A New Outdoor Shed For All Your Equipment

If you have suddenly found yourself getting into landscaping, you have likely acquired a lot of equipment. This could be gardening tools, wheelbarrow and a lawnmower. If you are planning to build an outdoor shed to store all of these things, below are three tips to help you get started.


It does not matter how well you build your shed if it is not sitting on a strong foundation. Most sheds are supported well by a solid concrete block foundation. You could also set pressure-treated wood timbers directly on the ground. No matter what you use, the ground must be completely level and the material you choose spaced as close together as you can get them so they can provide proper support. The shed should not be placed in a low-lying, wet area.

If you are building a large shed, hire a contractor to build you a permanent foundation. They are generally constructed of buried wooden posts or poured concrete piers.


You need to make sure the things in your shed do not become wet when it rains. You can keep this from happening by choosing the right type of roofing materials. First, decide on the type of roof you want. This will depend on where you live. For example, hip roofs are best if you live in an area that often gets high winds, as they deflect wind and are sturdy. Pen roofs work well if you do not live in a high wind area, as they are easy to construct.

Once you decide on the type of roof you will need to choose the shingles. Asphalt or composite shingles are often used. If your shed will be very sturdy, clay tiles or slate shingles can be used. If you want something that looks more natural, cedar shake or wood shingles would be a good choice.

Roof ventilation is important as it will reduce or eliminate condensation problems. Place a vent on both the front and rear gable so the air will circulate through the top of the roof. There are decorative vents, such as rectangular, half-moon and circular.

Talk with a roofing contractor about the best type of roof for your shed.

Door Placement and Size

When building your shed, consider what needs to fit through the door. For example, if you have a large wheelbarrow, lawn mower, or a lawn tractor, make sure the door is wide enough to fit these things.

Also consider where you place the doors. It may seem logical to place it on the front of the shed, but it may work better for you to place the door on the side. For example, you may have more space on the side to move in and out of the shed.

Hire a contractor, like one from Meridian Roofing Services Inc, to build your shed for you if you have never done this before.