Answering A Couple Of Questions About Common Roofing Issues

Roofing problems can be a devastating issue for a homeowner to have to address. However, it is common for homeowners to have a limited understanding or experience with addressing issues with a roof. As a result, these individuals may benefit from learning the answers to questions concerning a few of the more commonly encountered roofing issues.

What Is Causing Ice Dams To Form?

Ice accumulating on your roof can be an unavoidable wintertime problem. However, there are many homeowners that may make the critical mistake of overlooking the potential problems that this threat can cause. In particular, ice dams can be a seemingly minor problem that can cause catastrophic damages to your home.

Ice dams form as part of the ice on the roof melts due to warm air escaping from the home. As the water drains off the roof, it will likely freeze as it approaches the edge of the roof. When this happens, the ice dam will form, and it can both contribute substantial weight to the roof as well as trap rot-causing water. If your home is encountering this problem, you will likely want to have the roof inspected for drafts and other issues. By adding additional insulation to the attic and sealing any gaps in the roof, you will be able to help reduce the odds of this problem striking your home.

How Can Indentations In The Roof Be Repaired?

Hail and other debris striking your roof can contribute to the formation of indentations. While indentations might not seem like they are a serious threat to your roof, they can create pockets that are able to trap rainwater. Fortunately, repairing these indentations can be a fairly simple task if the repairs are made soon after the damage forms. When an indentation has not started to rot, it can be possible to correct it by applying a roof filler to it.

 A roof filler can be placed in the indentation to level it, and it will bond with the roof to ensure that it stays secure. Unfortunately, if the roof has started to develop rot, it may be necessary to replace the part of the roof where the rot and indentation are located. For this reason, it is important for you to regularly inspect your roof following storms and rain to make sure that there are no indentations that are large enough to trap small pools of water. If you are physically unable to climb a ladder to visual inspect your roof, it is possible to hire contractors to do this or you can install special cameras on the roof that will allow you to visually inspect it without having to climb on top of your house.

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