4 Reasons To Replace Your Asphalt Roof With Metal

Metal roofing is making a comeback as a durable and attractive option for residential roofing. It's a great buy for those who want to save money on energy, are tired of replacing their roof every twenty years, or are interested in improving their ecological footprint. If you're looking into replacing an asphalt roof and you're wondering what other options are out there, check out these four reasons why metal may be a good replacement for your current roof.

1. Longevity 

Whereas asphalt roofing is only expected to last for 25 years or so, metal roofing can last as long as you want it to, from forty years up to centuries. Even the cheapest kind of metal roofing, a tin roof, may last twice as long as asphalt. And if you really splurge and buy copper roofing, you'll be able to expect it to last for at least a century or two. In fact, the oldest roof in America is made from copper and is older than the union itself. Too bad copper's so expensive. 

2. Energy savings 

Metal roofing is a great way to save money on your energy bills in the summer. Unlike asphalt shingling, metal roofing can easily be painted any color you like without damaging its surface. Although metal roofing is already naturally reflective and consequently absorbs less heat than asphalt shingle roofing, you can make it even more eco-friendly by painting it with a cool roof coating. This coating is easy to apply, and it helps your roof to reflect not only light rays but also thermal rays from the sun. Homeowners who cool their roofs like this can see an energy savings of 15 % or even more, depending on the climate.

3. Tax credits 

Don't be shy about asking the government for money when you're planning to do something that it approves of. Installing a cool roof is one of these things, along with energy-efficient appliances and solar panels. You may be eligible for an Energy Star tax credit if you install a qualifying metal roof. Make sure you check out the opportunities for more local grants and deals, too. 

4. Options 

In addition to the price point options offered by metal roofing, it also provides unlimited color options. Although asphalt roofing material comes in several colors, the range isn't exceptionally wide; metal roofing, on the other hand, can be painted with any outdoor page you choose. Of course, you're going for a cool roof, you'll want to shoot for a lighter color, which still leaves you with a wide range of color options. But if you're not focusing on energy savings, the sky is the limit. 

These are just four of the reasons why metal may be the ideal roofing material choice for your next roof replacement. Make sure you investigate each type of metal roofing carefully before you decide on one. There's a big difference between copper roofing and a tin roof.