Tips For Safely Installing Holiday Decorations On Your Roof

As a new homeowner, one of the things you may be looking forward to is that first holiday season of decorations. If you've been thinking about putting some decorations up on your roof, there are a few key considerations that you need to be aware of. Here are a few things that you need to understand before you decorate your roof and risk potential damage or an accident.

Safety is an essential element. Working on the roof is hazardous in any conditions, but especially in the winter when snow and ice can make for a slippery situation. Your safety starts with a pair of shoes that have good, solid grip. Opt for rubber soles and great traction to help you stay secure while you're up there. Avoid anything with spikes or cleats, though. Those can damage the roof.

Do a complete roof inspection before you put anything up there. This is the perfect time to give the entire roof a once-over and look for any damaged roofing tiles, cracks or other issues that you need to have addressed. Reach out to a roofing contractor to fix these issues before you put the decorations up.

Make sure that everything is working before you go up there. Take time to test all of the lights, electronics and animations before you put decorations up on the roof. By testing them at ground level, you avoid hauling something up the ladder only to find out later that it doesn't work. It also reduces the traffic to the roof because you won't be going up and down repeatedly to fix and test things. The less you walk around up there, the safer you'll be.

Use outdoor-rated extension cords and inspect them carefully. Look over every cord completely for any signs of fraying, cracking or any other damage. Don't use an extension cord that's been worn or damaged in any way, because those cords can put your home at risk of an electrical short or even a potential fire. Dispose of any that are not safe for use and replace them with brand new ones.

Use roof-safe methods to secure any inflatables. Opt for anchor hooks that attach to the inflatables and then secure to the roof. These roof-safe anchor hooks are designed to keep the ornaments in place without causing damage to your roofing materials. If you're putting larger ornaments up there, consider mounting them to a wooden platform. That way, you can secure the platform with straps and minimize the damage to your roof.

With these tips, you can make your home the holiday focus of the neighborhood without putting your roof at risk. For more tips, talk with one of your local roofing services.