Got A Flat Roof? How To Keep It In Good Shape

A flat roof offers many benefits, and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. To keep that beautiful roof lasting a long time and looking great, there are some things you have to do on a regular basis. Four of these things are listed below.

Check for Ponding

After a heavy snow or rain, make sure there is no ponding on your flat roof. Ponding is when water pools in one area. If not removed, this can lead to damage to the roof itself, as well as leaking into your home. One way to prevent this problem is to use tapered insulation. If the ponding is due to insufficient drainage, installing a roof drain will fix this problem. This drain removes the water from the roof as it starts to collect on it. You will need to contact your roofing contractor to install this drain for you. They can tell you exactly how it works.  

Keep Your Roof Drain Clean

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can do is to make sure to keep the roof drain clear. If not, water cannot flow through it, and it will back up on your roof. If you see any debris, the easiest way to get it out is to use a garden hose. Spray it at the drain to dislodge debris. If you have a clog that you cannot clear, you can use a plumber's snake to run through the drain. If the clog will not loosen, contact a plumber to repair this problem for you.

Check the Flashing

Check the metal flashing that runs around the roof. Generally, the flashing will have two layers. The inner layer is called step flashing, and covers where sheathing of the roof meets with any holes, such as skylights and chimneys. The outer layer of the flashing is for added protection. If you see any damage or deterioration of the flashing, you need to have it repaired. If not, water may leak under the roof.

Check for Blisters

Blisters on a flat roof develop between the substrate and felt area from air that is trapped there. If you see any spots that look raised, you likely have blistering. You should contact a roofing contractor to take care of this problem for you immediately, before the problem becomes much worse.

Hire a roofing contractor to remove debris, such as leaves and dirt, from your roof a couple times per year. If you do this yourself, standing on the roof can damage it. A roofing contractor like one from Good Stuff Enterprises knows how to do this work without causing this damage.