Your Siding Looking A Little Tired Or Outdated?: Three Quick Siding Services That Rejuvenate Your Home

Siding is not something most homeowners think about when they consider remodeling projects. In fact, many homeowners would probably put siding at the bottoms of their lists since it is almost entirely cosmetic and rarely makes much difference in the value of their homes. However, if you find that the siding on your home is currently looking a little tired, outdated, or even damaged, you may want some quick solutions to make it look better. Here are three quick siding services that can rejuvenate your home's exterior.

Replacing Single Panels

Single slats or panels of siding that have dents, holes or chunks missing out of them can be replaced without replacing the rest of the siding. The newer panels may be a little darker or lighter in appearance than the slats or panels that are already on your home. However, your roofer or siding expert can take a sample of your current siding and send it to the siding manufacturer who can produce custom panels/slats that are the same color as your current siding so that they blend in perfectly. Once the damaged panels/slats are replaced, you will not be able to tell that there were ever any damaged sections.

Painting the Siding

It does not matter if your siding is wood, aluminum or vinyl; it can all be painted with a fresh new color. As a siding service, a crew of housepainters all equipped with paint spray guns, will work to paint your siding and may complete the work in about a day or two. If you like house painting, you could even do the job yourself. Just be sure to cover and seal your windows and doors with tarps or painter's plastic sheeting.

Stucco It

If you really want a very different look and you want to seal your house so that you have fewer drafts, stucco it. The nice thing about stucco is that the siding panels buried underneath the plaster do not have to be perfect, clean, or any particular color. The panels stay put as you apply the layers of plaster. As you build up layers of plaster, the original siding disappears, leaving a uniform look of stucco or stone walls. You can leave it plain white or paint it with your color of choice. The best part about this option is that you can choose to do half walls up or down on the siding of your house or all of the siding may be thickly coated with stucco plaster, allowing you to create a look for your siding that is uniquely yours.

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