Is Your Roof Covered With Moss? Learn How To Get Rid Of It

When your home is located in a wet climate, moss has the potential to grow anywhere. This includes rooftop with shingles, where moisture becomes trapped and ends up contributing the roof rotting. The only solution is to clean the roof when you notice a buildup of moss, which you can do yourself or have a professional do for you. If you are a homeowner that wants to do it yourself, follow these tips for removing moss for good, as well as preventing it from growing back.

Moss Removal

Removing moss from a roof requires a few tools and materials that you may already have around your home. You'll need a bristled brush, tarp, bucket, and a cleaning solution that is half bleach and half warm water.

Always start cleaning a roof from the very top so that the debris and run off flows down the roof and not towards a recently cleaned area. Moss can be scrubbed away using your bristle brush. Just use moderate pressure until the moss falls to the surface below you.

Rinse the roof by dipping the bristled brush into your cleaning solution, and wiping off any of the remaining moss that you still see. Follow it up by rinsing the roof with water. If using a sprayer with a high-pressure tip, always spray down the roof with the direction of the shingles. Spraying upward could cause water to get trapped underneath or cause a shingle to become damaged.

It helps to lay a tarp down over shrubs close to your home, since it will protect them from your cleaning solution as it runs off the roof.

Moss Prevention

The best way to prevent moss is by making the growing conditions not as favorable. You can do this by cutting away the branches that overhang your roof, since they prevent your roof from getting the sun exposure it needs to prevent moss from growing. You'll also need to remove debris that collects on your home's roof, such as leaves, since they can help moss grow by trapping moisture underneath.

When it comes time to replace your roof, use a metal material because moss will be unable to stick to it. Metal roofing is very practical material in wet climates because of this.

If you do not feel up to the task of removing moss on your own, hire a professional (like GBS Enterprises Roofing) to come take care of it for you.