4 Areas Of Your Roof That Can Be The Cause Of Leaks And Water Damage

If you have water damage on the ceilings of your home, this can be caused by many different problems, such as plumbing problems or roof leaks. Often, these problems start as small roof leaks that can be in many different areas. The leaks can start around flashing, caused by loose nails or due to storm damage. Here are some of the areas of your roof that you will want to look at closely as the cause of your water damage problems:

1. Decking Nails That Puncture Shingles And Cause Roof Leaks

Decking nails are a common problem that can cause roof leaks. This happens as wood decking expands and contracts, which works nails loose. They eventually puncture shingles and cause leaks. To solve this problem, the problem nails need to be removed and a small dab of roof cement can be added to patch the hole.

2. Leaks That Are Caused By Bad Or Worn Flashing On The Roof

Metal flashing is another major cause of roof leaks, which are caused when this material becomes worn or is damaged. This can happen in many areas of your roof, such as valleys where two roof elevations meet or around features like chimneys. To repair this problem, the flashing will need to be replaced, as well as any damaged shingles in the area of the repairs.

3. Storm Damage That Causes Leaks And Problems With The Roof

Storm damage can be another cause of roof leaks. This can be obvious with heavy damage and a lot of missing shingles, but sometimes it is not as noticeable. Hail can damage shingles and the problem may not be too visible. Wind can also cause tears in shingles and damage roofing. To repair these problems, you will need to have your roof inspected and any shingles replaced that have been damaged.

4. Ice Dams And Leaks Around The Eaves Due To Excessive Shingle Wear

Ice dams and debris that collects in gutters can also cause leaks on your roof. These problems can cause the shingles at eaves to wear quickly. This can lead to leaks on your roof and damage to woodwork on the outside of your home. This may require the replacement of the shingles in these areas. When you have this kind of repair done, you may also want to do improvements to prevent future problems.

These are some of the areas of your roof that you will want to look at closely as the cause of your roof damage problems. If you need help with repairs to your roof, contact a roof repair contractor, like Emerald Roofing, to solve your leak problems.