Common Commercial Roofing Questions Answered

The roof over your business will be subject to a tremendous amount of stress and strain over the course of time. Unfortunately, these factors can contribute to the roof being more likely to develop serious problems. A damaged or otherwise compromised roof can represent a serious threat to the building because leaks can lead to damages inside the building as well as making the roof more likely to collapse. If you own a business with an aging roof, you might benefit from having a couple of important questions addressed.

How Can A Business Owner Know Whether They Will Need A New Roof?

Unfortunately, there are many business leaders that may make the mistake of being uninformed about the early warning signs of roofing damage. This can cause the problems to worsen, which may result in more expensive repairs. By making it a point to regularly review the ceiling for signs of water stains or mold, you might be able to catch these leaks before they can cause extensive rotting. In addition to inspecting your ceiling, you should have a professional roof repair contractor inspect the exterior every couple of years to ensure that excessive wear and tear is not occurring.

Can The Contractor Add The New Roof Over The Old One?

Eventually, it will be necessary for a roof to be replaced. Not surprisingly, this is a major project to undertake, and there are many business owners that assume the old roof will always need to be completely removed before the new one can be installed. However, it should be noted that this is not necessarily the case. In many instances, it may be possible for the new roof to be installed over the old one.

This option is generally used when the old roof did not suffer any major structural damage but was only needing to have a new exterior applied. While this can be an effective repair option, it will be necessary for the contractor to inspect the roof to ensure that it is in a good enough condition to undergo this procedure.

When your business's roof is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it is important to be informed about the process of replacing the roof. By making sure that you understand the early warning signs that a roof is in need of repairs and that it may be possible to install the new roof over the old one, you will find yourself better prepared for making roofing decisions for your company. Talk with a business, such as Central States Roofing, for more information.