Three Tips To Help Solve Roof Leaks Around Walls, Chimneys And Valleys

Chimneys, valleys, and walls may be the first place you want to look if you have a leak in your home, since these areas are prone to leaks. Some of the things that contribute to roof leaks in these areas include poor flashing, worn waterproofing, and wear from water runoff. Here are some of the things that you can do to combat the leaks in these areas of your roof:

1. Addressing Issues With Leaks Around Chimneys And Walls

Chimneys and walls on the roof are some of the most likely places you are going to have leaks. To prevent these problems, use flashing in these areas. Flashing is a moisture barrier that is installed in areas that may be prone to leaks, and it can be made out of materials such as metal or rubber. Using a rubber membrane and metal flashing at walls can give you more protection.  If you notice areas that seem to be worn, add a sealant to them to ensure that you do not have leaks in the near future. If you have step flashing around chimneys, cover the pieces with a roofing tar sealant to help protect them and prevent leaks.

2. Improving Flashing Problems With An Additional Roofing Membrane

For additional leak protection, you can add a roofing membrane flashing beneath the conventional metal flashing. This will help prevent leaks from things like nails in the flashing. It can also help to protect your roof should the metal flashing ever begin to deteriorate.

3. Diverting Water With Roof Structures In Areas Like Valleys And Walls

The areas of your roof that get more water runoff can also get more wear. This means that they are more prone to leaks. Valleys and walls are some of the areas that are the most likely to have these problems, especially when they have lower pitches. To prevent these problems, a roof structure (called a cricket) used to divert water can be added to your roof in these places.

These are some of the things that you may want to do to prevent leaks in these areas of your roof that are prone to leaks. If you need help with your leak repairs or a roof replacement, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about what else can be done to prevent leaks.

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