Four Safety Tips For Inspecting Damage On Your Roof After A Storm Has Passed

If you live in an area that is prone to summer storms, inspecting your roof when a storm has passed can save you from many problems. You may want to inspect for things like wind and hail damage, as well as fallen trees. To avoid serious injury, it is important that you follow some simple safety tips when doing anything on your roof. Here is some safety advice that you may want to consider when inspecting storm damage:

1. Avoid Electrical Hazards With Storm Damage

When storms come through your area, it is possible for winds to cause problems with power lines. It is important that you stay away from any lines that have fallen. If you have trees around your home, do not touch branches near the lines. The tree can have moisture, especially after rains. This can allow the current to pass through the branches and cause injury.

2. Use A Ladder Properly To Prevent Fall Hazards

Proper use of a ladder is also important when inspecting damage on your roof. You will want to make sure that you pay attention to all safety labels. When leaning the ladder against your roof, the top should extend past the point where it is leaning. In addition, do not lean ladders at too much of an angle because this can cause the bottom to slide out away from you.

3. Watch Your Step And Avoid Sliding Off The Roof 

It is also important to watch your step if you get on the roof. If you must get on the roof, avoid any loose debris. Things like loose shingles, leaves and debris can cause you to slip. It is also a good idea to where soft-soled shoes because they give you better grip when walking on a roof.

4. Use Fall Protection And Safety Gear To Prevent Accidents

If you must get on your roof, you may also want to use fall protection. This can be ropes and harnesses that help prevent you from falling off the edge of the roof. Harnesses should be used for steep roofs and for areas of your home that are several stories. If you need fall protection equipment, you can get it from most home improvement stores. This is a good investment for doing maintenance to your home that requires you to get on the roof, such as cleaning gutters.

These are some of the safety features that you will want to consider when inspecting storm damage. If your roof has severe damage, contact a roofing contractor like Homestreet Roofing Inc and talk with them about what can be done to repair your home.