Protecting Your Roof In The Winter

In the harsh winter months when there is a lot of snow and rain, it is important to have a good roof that can stand up to those storms. A roof must be designed right so that the snow and rain do not build up because this can begin to cause leaks and a lot of other damage to the home. If you have found that there are some trouble spots on your roof where snow and water begin to build up, you will want to take the proper precautions to ensure that it runs off smoothly. A roofing company will be able to help you take the steps listed below:

1. Heating Cables. One solution to fix the problem is to have a roofing company install heating cables on your roof. These heating cables, when plugged in, will begin to melt the snow in certain trouble spots of the roof. Instead of the snow building up and staying in one location, the cables will melt the snow so that it can run off into the gutters and away from the roof. This is a simple solution that can often fix the problem without any structural changes to the roof.

2. Fixing the Slope of the Roof. Certain areas of the roof where snow and water build up may need to be redesigned altogether. If the slope of the roof is not steep enough, a roofing company may need to come and fix it. This is a little bit more work, but they will be able to increase the slope of your roof so that water and snow do not build up and cause damage to the home.

3. Cleaning and Replacing Gutters. Another way that water and snow can build up on the roof is if the gutters are dirty or are insufficiently capable of draining the water. Dirty gutters should be cleaned each fall before the snow starts falling. When gutters are clean, the water has a free path to be drained and will not build up. You may also need to have a roofing company replace your gutters if they are damaged or if they are not draining the water properly.

Making sure that the snow and water are running off of your roof and not building up is crucial to ensuring that your home does not sustain serious damage. A roofing company like Lengacher Roofing will be able to assess your home and come up with the necessary options.