3 Important Reasons To Choose Professional Roof Installation For Your Mobile Tiny House

The very appeal of a mobile tiny house for many people is the idea of building it yourself, even with little to no experience in construction. You can certainly learn as you build for basic framing and finishing tasks, but the roof is too important to make major mistakes on. Leave the tiny house roof installation to the professionals for these three important reasons.

Hurricane Strength Winds

A tiny house on a fixed foundation may only get buffeted around by low grade winds, but a mobile house experiences high strength blasts on a regular basis. This is why many tiny home building guidelines recommend designing the roof to withstand gusts of up to 130 miles per hour. This requires a complex system of metal reinforcement ties and hurricane clips, so it's best handled by a professional with plenty of experience in designing and installing a roof that can withstand a hurricane.

Heavy and Large Trusses

Some tiny house designs call for trusses to add extra strength to the frame so that vibrations and bumps on the road won't sway the building. Tresses are built on the ground and lifted into place, unlike rafters, so dealing with them as a single individual DIY builder is dangerous and difficult. Contractors work in teams and bring along block and tackle equipment to get each truss into place.

The difficulty of lifting the roof supports into place is multiplied when  you choose lightweight steel framing. Even through the beams are not as heavy as those designed for larger projects, the weight is still too much for the average person to move safely on their own. Unless you have plenty of experienced friends and family members for a good old fashioned roof raising party, let a roofing company at least put the metal rafters or trusses in for you.

Properly Hung Materials

Finally, consider the wind resistance of the final roofing layer you have in mind. Most DIY home builders want to use asphalt shingles because they're easy to install and inexpensive, but only a few brands offer enough wind resistance to keep the material from blowing off and making a mess as you drive down the road. Metal roofing panels are better suited for mobile tiny houses, but the panels are also much harder to handle and mount properly for an inexperienced builder.

You can still handle the rest of your building project and save a lot of money. Spending a little extra for professional help from a place like Allen Roofing & Construction Inc on the most challenging part of your tiny house is sure to pay off in big ways as your roof stays strong and leak-free for years to come.